Wasatch Honey: Natural raw mountain honey

Local Raw Honey –  AVAILABLE NOW


 Local Honey Now Available!  Supply won’t last.  Call 801-654-9700 or 801-263-6666!!  

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1/2 lb Glass Jar $4

3/4 lb Glass Jar $6

1- 1/2 lb Glass Jar $8

3 lb Glass Jar $16

 7 lb  tub $35

 10 lb tub $50

Pollen still available. 

Honey comb sold out for 2013 season, look for it June 2014

Wasatch Honey is a growing local company that believes there is a need for natural clean raw honey with little or no pesticides exposure. A percentage of our hives are rescued / reclaimed bees, taken from homes and businesses along the Wasatch front, and place them in hives and help them flurish.

Our biggest issue with helping bees flurish is exposure to pesticides. Pesticide use in the valleys of Utah is high, almost out of control. Bees visit flowers and blossoms daily by the thousands in typically a 2 to 5 mile radius. The careful placement of our hives ensures these popular poisons won’t find their way into our honey and your diet.

With special instruments, we can grade and test our honey. This testing is passed on with our honey as we value quality.

Each year, Wasatch Honey adds numerous rescued hives to apiaries, which include Italian, Cordovan, Russian and Carniolan varieties. Each with a specific trait and specialty. We also add numerous hives from the bee growers from Northern California.  Currently we are breeding our own stock of queens rescued from local removals.  These residential hives have survived for years unattended, unmedicated or cared for by a beekeeper.  Add bee breeder to our list!!

Comb Honey – our really new product!  We have comb honey that will be available by the end of May.  This comb will come still in our newly developed comb just as the bees made it.  All you will need to do is cut it out, drop it into a baggy, squish, let set over night.  Pop a small hole in the bottom and squeeze out like icing.  All done and all natural.


In the near future, you will find our honey in stores throughout Utah.
Keep an eye out for our pure sweet mountain ~ Wasatch Honey!