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Apr 17, 2012 by Craig

Thanks for removing the beehive from my property. Neighbors can now walk by my place without having to worry about the bees. You are awesome!

Jun 27, 2011 by Deirdre Rand

Al was extremely busy and wasn’t able to get to us right away as our situation wasn’t an emergency, but once he came out, he did such a great job, he was worth the wait.

The bees had gone into a space between the roof and the house, completely inside where other beekeepers dared not venture! Because he is also a licensed contractor (I checked to make sure!) he was able to quickly open up the roofing, cut out a small piece of wood, and access the hive. After painstakingly putting the honeycomb and accompanying hive in a “bee box” he closed everything up so that it looked as good as it had before. He even took time out to give an impromptu lesson in bees to the neighborhood children who came to see the whole removal.

Thanks again, Al! I really wanted to save the bees instead of just kill them, and you made that possible.

I definitely recommend him to others dealing with bees. I was pretty panicked when the bees showed up, but once Al took care of them (even checking back to make sure the stragglers were gone for good) there is now nary a bee in sight!

Jun 19, 2011 by Gianna Ericksen

Albert brought us a “rescued” hive of bees for our garden and they look like they are doing well – fantastic job! He taught us about the bees and how to best care for them. Our children love to just sit and watch the bees come and go, we are learning so much about nature. Thank you!

Jun 18, 2011 by Theresa & Mike

A great big thanks for taking the swarm in our trees to live a happy life as productive honey bees. We are very pleased they will have a good life with you! And we look forward to buying the honey they will produce..

May 12, 2011 by Jesse Diaz

Thanks Al for coming over to our new home here at traverse moutain. We are California transplants moved here about 7 months ago, so bees are new to us. It was a bit scary having a swarm in out tree. Thank you for coming out in such short notice. Al was at our home in about an hour and was very professional and very nice. He was on his way with a box full of bees in about 20 minutes. Thanks again and I would definetely refer him to others who need bee removal.

May 05, 2011 by Mark

Great service! The bees were removed from my home both in a safe and efficient manner. Also, it’s great to know that the bees are going to be cared for instead of being killed. I would recommend this service to a friend. Thanks, Utah Bee Removal.

Apr 03, 2011 by Willy

Al thanks for comming over to my house to check out the bee’s. I think Al is part bee thats why he can communicate with the bee’s some type of sonar mental telepathy. Thought the bee suite was to much but to each there own. Al “The King of Bees”

Feb 06, 2011 by Larry

Albert is passionate and exceptionally talented. I have found him a pleasure to work with and most accommodating. He has the innate ability to see the big picture clearly while other obstacles are in the way, this ability allows him to do some extraordinary things that others are incapable of. He is a highly intelligent person who is enthusiastic and hard working. He provides delight to his customers by exceeding specification and expectations.

Feb 01, 2011 by Joe

I am so happy that you were able to remove the bees from my tree without harming them. Bees are so beautiful and precious, it would have been too sad to have to kill them… Great job with removal and patching up the tree!

Nov 16, 2010 by Dori

This site is incredibly informative. We have wondered about what to do with a hive that has been in our home for years. Every year we think it is gone, but it remains. There are people on our block that have told us they watched it moved to their place, we actually were quite excited to hear about that. Problem is they have remained in our place too. :( Your pictures really helped. Thanks so very much. Maybe we can find someone here to help open it up.

Utah Bee Removal 801-654-9700 13658 South Bridle Trail Road Draper UT, 84020 USA 5.0 5.0 20 20 Thanks for removing the beehive from my property. Neighbors can now walk by my place without having to worry about the bees. You are awesome!