Pollinate Utah

What in Utah’s climate requires pollination?

With Utah being a desert, many would wonder if there are native plants in Utah that bloom throughout the season to provide life for a bee.  Actually yes!  Utah is loaded with plants from April to October that bees frequent.  This link will show some of the native plants and their bloom cycle. (http://www.pollinator.org/PDFs/NevadaUtah.pdf)

In addition to native plants, many farmers and gardeners have plants that require and benefit by pollination.  Here is a detailed list of plants that bees pollinate. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_crop_plants_pollinated_by_bees)

Problems with pollination in Utah

There are many crops that require pollination.  In Utah crops are being pushed further away by the urban sprawl that is taking over the most fertile areas.  It is almost impossible to become a commercial beekeeper in Utah, Davis or Salt Lake counties as sole locations to place a hundred productive hives is not an obvious task.  Still farmers and gardeners plant each year hundreds of acres of produce.   There are many gardeners and farmers who lack pollination and some beekeepers who could benefit by placing hives nearby.   Each beekeeper that decides to place hives has a risk of losing hives due to theft, vandalism, animal attacks, and pesticide exposure.  In utah we spray for locusts & mosquitos, not to mention other insects, which exposure places bees at risk.  A beekeeper might decide not to place bees in your area due to the above factors.  Consider the risk.  Placing 40 hives in a location expecting to cultivate thousands of pounds of honey, only to find the hives dead and boxes toxic.

 Liability issues

Beekeepers and growers need to discuss issues of placement of hives, risks of pestcides and schedules of treatments, water sources, when the hives are to be moved in and out, tresspassing issues, access problems, etc.  This company does not assume any risks due to hives or crops.    


  • 2 acres of misc. produce needs pollination from July – September.  Wants 2 hives in Murray, Utah. $50.  01231
  • 20 acres of alfalfa partial bloom, pollination acceptable from June – September.  5 hives West Jordan, Utah. 01248
  • 300 peach trees pollination April – May.  5-25 hives Draper, Utah.  $250.  01250
  • 5 acres of Pumpkins pollination July – August. 2-4 hives Taylorsville, Utah. $200 01266
  • 6 acres of watermelon pollination needed for season.  Wants 6 hives.  Salt Lake county, Utah.  100 lbs of watermelon in payment.  02467
  • 5 acres of garden with produce and flowers for season.  Needs hives in Layton, Utah.  $50 – $100. 01267


  • 30 hives available in Utah, Davis or Salt Lake Counties June – October.  $25 a month each. 01243
  • 2 hives available in Davis County July – October. $40 a month each. 01244
  • 4 hives in Salt Lake County 2010 season $50 each for season. 01355

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  • Contact us on information regarding specific crops in Utah that you need help with.
  • Alfalfa fields that go to bloom.
  • Areas with clover.
  • Payment can be posted in trade for produce.

Our Fees

  • $10 listing / contact fee for items posted above.
  • Contact number (801) 654-9700