About Us

Utah Bee RemovalUtah Bee Removal” is the parent company of “Bee Friendly Utah!” a company helping to save Honey Bees in Utah.

The “save the bee” program everyone hears about does very little if anything for the beekeepers that are loosing their bees in Utah year after year. I decided to set up a company that may be able to fund some of the issues we are faced with. Over the last couple years I have seen home after home taken over by bees, making life within the home miserable and even potentially deadly. Insurance doesn’t cover these problems, and the State has no funding for homeowners plagued with bees. Many people harp on “we need to save our bees“, but in reality a small percentage take the initiative to make a difference. Over the last two years I have personally saved millions of bees, during the same time here in Utah – Utahans have exterminated hundreds of millions!! Last winter over 60% of the hives in Utah died that were in the care of local beekeepers, a sad trend that has been increasing every year.

Our goal is to help reclaim bees and recycle them back to apiaries and beekeepers here in Utah where they are missed. We want to provide assistance to homeowners that are financially unable to pay for a removal. We want to provide classes and lectures on the invading African bees that are now in the Southern part of our State and moving North, so emergency personnel and beekeepers know what to look for and how to treat it. Advertising is essential and will be a key to informing the public of options when they witness a bee swarm or infestation. Possibly creating a Honeybee Festival to inform the public in a friendly way. Pesticides are used heavily by homeowners throughout the State, and bees are being devastated by it. We feel that Utah can provide it’s own funding through “Bee Friendly Utah” and be ahead of the industry in saving it’s bees. As the Bee Hive State, we are to set an example to other States on how individuals can make a difference.

Many view bees as pests and a nuisance, but we want to change that and make Utah a Bee Friendly State!